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We live in a peaceful world, full of cute animals and delicious food.

You could like spicy food, salty food or even pepper! (eew) But we all agree that sweet food is the BEST. Or at least top 3!

It is sooo delicious that even aliens got to like it! And that's okay, there's enough sugar in the world to feed us all, but they don't seem to like the concept of "share"... The aliens took aaaall the extra sweet donuts in the city and they are keeping them locked!

I know, it's so mean...! Someone has to teach them a lesson! And that someone is ME! ^^

I'm Aiko! I live in the house that's next Julia's Bakery and I have a dog, Sussy, and three birds!

When I eat those sweeeet donuts, I feel I can handle everything! (for a limited time...) So I'm gonna punch them so hard that they will regret stealing the donuts from us! At least before I run out of sugar! haha!

Do you wanna help? ^^

  • Arrow keys or WASD to move yourself.
  • CTRL or left click to punch.
  • SHIFT to cover yourself with a magic shield.
  • ALT or right click to make an area attack.

  • Use F to switch to fullscreen mode.
  • Use R to restart the game.
  • Use ESC to close the game.

The aliens can drop some items!

This donut will give you the power you need!

 And You're gonna need this juice to replenish energy!

Crush them all and save the sugar!


This game was made by:

This game was originally made for the game jam Weekly Game Jam - Week 113


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Love the aesthetic. Very endearing. But could use a bit more visual/audio feedback with the punches; they seem to lack impact.